Fighting for a fair deal!

As you may be aware South Yorkshire’s Mayor Oliver Coppard is campaigning for a fair funding deal for public transport in South Yorkshire.
Oliver is doing everything he can to get the government to give us that fair funding deal, because bus services are vital for the economy, so we can see family, get to school or work, and allow people to access opportunities. That is even more true when we are facing a climate and cost of living crisis. We should be investing in buses, not managing their decline.
He is determined to fight these cuts, so we can have the public transport system we deserve.
As part of this campaign, Oliver is visiting some of the communities that have been hardest hit by service cuts and transport connectivity issues and holding several public meetings to explain in detail why we’re in this position and what we can do about it.
He will also be holding a series of virtual meetings for those unable to attend one of the in-person meetings:
• Friday 22 September at 10am
• Friday 27 October at 10am
• Tuesday 31 October at 12pm
Details of all the in-person events, how to register for the virtual meetings, and how to give feedback are available at
Oliver wants to make sure he can speak to as many members of our community as possible and would appreciate your help to raise awareness of these events.