Climate change

Climate change

As a Parish Council we are trying our best to encourage and aid our community to become as environmentally friendly as possible. As well as helping the community, it will also help members of the community to save some money – which is vital at the moment.

We have lot’s of projects helping to tackle climate change from different angles these include:

  • School uniform swap shop – aimed at recycling uniform and passing on to other families
  • Hedgehog preservation
  • Working towards plastic free community status
  • Annual gardening competitions
  • Energy saving advice – money saving too, click here
  • We have passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency, making addressing climate change a Council and calling on other the Government and others to do likewise
  • Increasing tree coverage in the Parish, including the planting of over 100 trees as part of National Tree Planting Week.


What we are doing as an organisation

  • We are ensuring that all council buildings are as energy-efficient as possible and that energy is not wasted through unnecessary heating and lighting.
  • Limiting the use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, in Council buildings, meetings and activities.
  • Reducing pesticide use, including as part of the No Mow May campaign.
  • Minimising waste going to landfill and promoting recycling including through, for example, the introduction of a monthly waste paper collection at the Council offices.
  • Identity and promote safe walking and cycling routes –
  • Ensure any council funds are invested in ‘green’ banks or investment funds.
  • Providing grants to community groups to help with becoming more environmentally friendly