Ecclesfield Neighbourhood Plan

Ecclesfield Neighbourhood Plan

Ecclesfield Parish Council together with the residents of the Ecclesfield parish and Sheffield City Council have come together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of the Parish of Ecclesfield.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document that allows the local community to shape development and influence planning in its area.


It forms part of the statutory development plan for the City of Sheffield and the policies contained within it are then used to help determine planning proposals for Ecclesfield as well as setting out a vision for the future development of the Parish.

Neighbourhood Plans forms part of the Government’s new approach to planning, which aims to give local people more of a say about the future of their area.

When preparing a Neighbourhood Plan, communities are not working from a blank piece of paper. National rules set out some important principles by which they must abide. One of these is that they must be in general conformity with national and local (i.e. Sheffield City Council) planning policies.

A Steering Group has been established to lead the process of its preparation comprising Parish Councillors and other members of the community.


For further information about the Neighbourhood Plan, please contact Andrew Towlerton, the Clerk, either via by email or telephone 0114 284 5095.


Various documents prepared in support of their preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found below