Photograph of a hedgehog sat in a feeding bowl.
Photo credit: British Hedgehog Preservation Society

As a Parish we are hoping to become more hedgehog friendly as our hedgehogs are now classified at being vulnerable to extinction. We are hoping to get the whole Parish involved from our young children, teenagers, parents all the way through to grandparents.

While so many of us are at home, now is the perfect time to start making little changes in our gardens and outside spaces, which will have a really positive impact on our spiky residents as they wake up from hibernation. As well as hopefully encouraging our young adults to get outside.

Please click here for some ideas of what you can do in your gardens and outdoor spaces:

Throughout the year we will be publicising new ideas to help our hedgehogs as the seasons change.

We also would love to publicise your efforts so please send any pictures you are happy for us to share to and lets boost our hedgehog population.

Build a hedgehog home instructions

Hedgehog Heroes Honours List

Angela, High Green – Has made hedgehog houses, and ramps to make steps easier, says hedgehogs “…truly are a gardener’s friend – my Hosta plants never looked better than when I had several hedgehogs devouring all the slugs!”. Three of Angela’s neighbours also have Hedgehog houses and put food and water down to help them along their way, which is completely fantastic!

A Hedgehog house
Hedgehog house
A blonde hedgehog
A Blonde hedgehog in Angela’s garden
Hedgehog walking down a ramp over stairs
Hedgehogs can find steps difficult, so little ramps work wonders
A hedgehog in a hedhgehou
A hedgehog snuggled in their hedgehog house
A blonde and brown hedgehog
A blonde and more common brown one