***Grenoside Exhibition Account Charity Meeting followed by Full Council Meeting***
Under legislation to deal with the coronavirus emergency this meeting will be held using a remote conference facility. You Are Hereby Summoned to attend an Grenoside Exhibition Account Charity Meeting at 6:30pm followed by Full Council Meeting at 7:00pm to be held via Zoom Video Conference on Thursday 25th March, 2021.

Meeting Joining Instructions:
1) Download and sign up to the Zoom app on your PC https://zoom.us/signup
2) Enter the Meeting ID: 881 9275 7329 and then enter the Password: 262687
3) Alternatively Click on the direct meeting invitation: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88192757329?pwd=UXRtUStEeDJpZzZXZHNuVmZxYnpKdz094)
To Join via phone: +44203 481 5237 and enter Meeting ID: 881 9275 7329 and Password: 262687

To view the agendas please click the link below:

https://ecclesfield-pc.gov.uk/document-category/agendas/ and click the link for the Grenoside Exhibition Account Charity Agenda and/or Full Council Agenda for this date