Ecclesfield Parish Council launches Parish wide School Uniform Swap Shop

At the Parish Council we are aware of the financial pressures on parents particularly this year even more so than any other, and we are hoping to be able to help in any way we can.

We are opening and housing a Parish Wide School Uniform Swap Shop at the Parish Council building in High Green. This will involve anyone who has any unwanted uniform items that they could no longer use, but which still are wearable could choose to donate such items to the Parish Uniform Swap Shop. Those parents who were struggling could then contact us here at the Council and would be given any items suitable for their child and in keeping with their school’s Uniform policy.

Obviously this isn’t going to be an overnight heaving collection however, we are hoping that over time we can build a collection and will be able to support those most in need across the Parish by alleviating some of the pressure that comes with buying uniform. While also meaning the schools are not overrun with unwanted items.

We will wash and sort all of the items and house them here ready for anyone who needs them.

We are hoping that this will have an all-round benefit to our Community, whether that be environmentally speaking, ‘Reuse – Recycle – Reduce’ as well as financially for families who need our help now more than ever.

To make any donations completely socially distantly, please contact

Please note we can only accept clothing and not shoes, and please only donate clothing which is of a reasonable standard and which you would be happy to send your children to school in.