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We have taken our first steps to becoming a Dementia Friendly Parish by signing up to the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance and setting up a working group which includes Councillors, our Community Coordinator and Rosie Strathearn-Brady, Community Development Worker for Soar and Dementia Friends Champion. We are aiming to make all our literature as Dementia Friendly as possible, and circulate the Dementia Friendly key messages, while also making sure all Dementia Friendly events within the Parish are signposted. If you know of any events which are currently running online for those with Dementia or their carers please contact Emma at the Parish Council with the details so we can circulate them through our website, Facebook, and Newsletter. We are also hoping to encourage local businesses to become Dementia Friendly as well, which may mean only making small changes to your business, which will make a positive difference to a person who is living with Dementia. If you run a business within the Parish and would like to be involved please email We will be adding a Parish Dementia heroes section to our website with a list of all of the businesses that are involved.

Every week we publish a Dementia Friendly Activity Pack which can be downloaded, please click the links below:

Dementia Friendly activity pack – 42

We are also hoping to add a Dementia Friendly roll call for all of those businesses who are making small changes to become more Dementia friendly to their customers. If your business is interested in learning more, please contact,

The next meeting dates to be come more dementia friendly are as follows:

‘Why join the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance’ on 15th July at 9.30am-11am
Dementia in the workplace is on 15th July 1.30-3.30pm
Supporting a customer with dementia is on 8th September 1.30-3.30
Dementia in the workplace is on 16th November 10-12
If organisations sign up to the Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance they can attend the regular workshops which include, dementia friendly Sheffield and joint pledges.
If you want more workshops on any themes that would be useful to your business please contact and we can set some up.