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Committees of the Council

The Council currently has three committees - The Environmental Planning Committee, the Finance and Premises Committee the and the Staffing Sub Committee.

Committee Membership for 2019-2020

Chairman of Council - Cllr Mr Terence Bawden
Vice Chairman of Council - Cllr Mr John Brownrigg

Environmental Planning Committee

The Environmental Planning Committee currently consists of 8 members, including the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Council, who are ex-officio.

The Parish Council receives notification of all planning applications which have been submitted in the Parish and comments are made to the City Council Planning Department when necessary. When we receive notification of a planning application we normally inform close neighbours that the plans are also available at our office for viewing between the hours of 9 am and 12 noon, Monday - Friday. However, the City Council no longer send paper copies of the plans to the Parish Council, so if you wish to view the plans, it is important that you MAKE AN APPOINTMENT so that staff can ensure the plans are downloaded in readiness for your visit.

To find details of plans in your area click here to open details from the City Council web-site in a new window.

This Committee also works hard to attract business and jobs to the area by meeting local business people, and Sheffield City Council members and officers.

Chairman Cllr Mr A Henstock
V.Chairman Cllr Mr G Lakin
Councillors Cllr Mr T Bawden (ex officio)
Cllr Mr J Brownrigg
Cllr A Henstock
Cllr Mr A Hooper
Cllr Mr G Lakin
Cllr Mrs C Levery
Cllr Mr D Ogle
Cllr Mr J Swift


Finance & Premises Committee

The Finance Committee currently consists of 11 members including the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Council (ex officio). This Committee oversees the major financial transactions of the Council. It also considers applications for grants from voluntary groups and organisations in the Parish who have applied for help.

If your group would like to apply for a grant, you can download an application form below.



Chairman Cllr Mr P Swift
Vice Chairman Cllr Mr D Ogle
Councillors Cllr Mr T Bawden (ex officio)
  Cllr Mrs V Bowden
  Cllr Mr J Brownrigg
  Cllr Mrs K Guest
  Cllr M J Housley
  Cllr G Lakin
  Cllr Mr D Ogle
  Cllr P Swift

As Agreed by Council

Staffing Committee

Lead Councillor Cllr Mrs A Browrigg
Councillors Cllr Mr P Brunt
  Cllr Mr T Bawden (ex officio)
  Cllr Mrs V Bowden
  Cllr Mrs T Grantham
Cllr Mrs C Levery